Advanced Equine Acupuncture Course Outline

Bruce Ferguson, DVM, MS

Holistic Veterinary Care

P.O. Box 7100

Karawara, WA, 6152

Eastern Australia TCVM

Classical Equine Acupuncture Review

This module will focus on reviewing the most important equine Transpositional and Classical acupuncture points and their most useful applications. Although the Transpositional points reviewed will generally include those taught in IVAS-style courses, many points which are rarely used will be deleted. Important channel-clearing points such as BL 67 and other Jing-Well (“Ting”) points will also be emphasized. I will give simplified point location information and primary uses for each point as well as emphasize needling technique.

We will also discuss and demonstrate the Equine Diagnostic Points, which are one of the major methods to gather diagnostic information for the equine patient. Next, the most commonly used equine acupuncture modalities will be discussed and demonstrated on patients. Finally, we will have both wet and dry-labs in which I present the TCVM analysis and treatment for various equine cases.

After completion of this module, the participants should be able to diagnose and treat many manifestations of musculoskeletal pain, mild joint and connective tissue injuries, gastrointestinal dysfunctions including non- surgical colics, and various dysfunctions of the major organs. Class will be held in the Eastern States (Mildura), August 12-14.

Cost is $800 for class, notes, and morning and afternoon tea.

See Course Overview and Registration Form for full details for each day.

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