Equine Chiropractic Care



Back and neck problems are common among horses, just like humans. A whole range of symptoms including obvious pain, lameness, dull hair coat, poor weight gain, incontinence and behavioural changes may be seen, or perhaps just a decrease in performance.

Spinal problems have often been developing for a long time and may be related to birth trauma, hoof imbalance, falls, training aids, rugging and saddle fit issues, rider issues and dental problems. A small incident may bring these problems to a head causing concern for you and your animal.

Chiropractic care utilizes a range of therapies based on the precise and individual adjustment of restricted joints to restore normal motion and release of tight muscles and ligaments. This aims to restore normal function to the skeleton, nervous system and optimize circulation and nutrition to those structures resulting in a happier, healthier pet! Options such as bowen therapy, massage, stretching, laser treatment or acupuncture may be included by qualified practitioners.

Rehabilitation programs for owners to follow at home are a key element of the program.

A Chiropractic consultation is based on a thorough physical examination and complete history of the patient so allow one hour for an initial consultation. A full assessment will be followed by treatment and the design of a rehabilitation and maintenance program. Several visits are usually required to achieve optimum performance for your animal and remember we are never too old or too young to improve our quality of life.

A qualified animal chiropractor must be either a registered veterinary surgeon or registered human chiropractor, who then undertake an intensive two year post graduate course at RMIT University in Melbourne. This level of training is not available anywhere else in the world.

Qualified Chiropractors can be contacted through the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association on (03) 5133 8005 or their web site - www.chirovet.com.au

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